Stroke Recovery Association of BC



Why Donate

  • A stroke is sudden, terrifying and destructive. A simple definition of a stroke tells us that it occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked or interrupted. When blood is unable to reach an area or areas of the brain, brain cells begin to die, which can cause permanent damage. The extent of that damage varies from person to person, and can result in problems with speech, memory or movement—but in all cases the person’s life is irrevocably changed. Nothing is ever the same.
  • Health care systems and health care organizations around the world, across the country and throughout our province focus on prevention, treatment, medication and hospitalization, while “life after stroke” issues tend to receive less attention and thus the true nature of stroke recovery remains largely misunderstood.
  • Which is why the Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC) exists, to support individuals recovering from a stroke and return them to the best possible quality of life.
  • The problem with current models of community care is the gaps in the system, where, postdischarge, the recovery of the person is often left entirely to the family, notably, to women between the ages of thirty-five and sixty.
  • We can do better than this as a society. Stroke Recovery Association of BC believes that we can and that we must.
  • Ultimately, an increase in our funding means an increase in our capacity to improve the overall quality of life of more stroke survivors and their caregivers in our province.
  • Decades of accumulated wisdom and knowledge about stroke recovery give SRABC a decided advantage. With your help we can take a leadership role in this province in the area of stroke recovery.

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