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SRABC | Volunteer Positions

The Stroke Recovery Association of BC is always seeking volunteers for various positions. Please click on left tabs below for specific information on different available positions:

Board Of Directors

Specific Skills:

Human Resources; Community Development; Accounting; Organizational Planning; Social Service; Health Professional; Finance; Fundraising

  • Board meetings will occur monthly.
  • Board members must have the ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, using computer and telephone (including the use of accommodations e.g. aids and personal assistance).

Description & Link to Mission:

Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC) offers a range of programs designed to support stroke survivors in the community after they leave hospital. We have just passed a new set of bylaws which means we are recruiting a brand new board through a nomination system. There are 11 positions to be filled made up of 6 directors from various regions of BC, and 5 directors at large who can bring specific skills to the board table. The main task of the board is to direct the implementation of SRABC’s Strategic Plan for fulfilling our Mission:

Stroke Recovery Association of BC provides services, education and advocacy to those affected by stroke throughout every stage of recovery.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Knowledge and skill in implementing a strategic plan is preferred
  • Experience in non-profit board work is an advantage
  • Empathic skill
  • Optimistic upbeat attitude
  • Team orientation
  • Conscientiousness
  • Committed to the work of the organization
  • Contribute specific expertise in a desired area such as rehabilitation, finance, law, human resources, information technology, advocacy, or fund development
  • Ability to focus on external and future issues
  • Ability to question, probe and analyze at a high level
  • Attendance at monthly board meetings
  • Support of programs and projects
  • Promote the organization in the community

Benefits & Recognition

  • Board training
  • Orientation to Stroke Recovery
  • Being a member of a dynamic new team
  • Making a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their caregivers in BC’s communities

Deliverables | Duties


  • Raising money
  • Advocacy
  • Acting as ambassadors to the community


  • Protection of the public interest
  • Keeping SRABC on mission and on message
  • Writing policies
  • Keeping the bylaws up to date
  • Evaluation of the performance of the Executive Director
  • Reviewing and authorising plans and commitments
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and contract requirements
  • Evaluating SRABC’s work

Time Commitment:

Approx. 10 hours per month


Tim Readman | SRABC Executive Director

Committee Member

The Board of Directors Committees work with the Executive Director on achieving specific goals in the following areas:

  • Executive/Governance
  • Finance
  • Professional Advisory

Committees are made up of board members and other volunteers with expertise in that particular area.


Tim Readman | SRABC Executive Director

Branch Program Assistant

The Mission of Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC) as a not-for-profit organization is to assist stroke survivors and their caregivers throughout the province to improve their overall quality of life. There are 6,500 strokes in BC every year. A stroke is a brain injury caused by blood flow to the brain being blocked or a blood vessel bursting in the brain. In order for SRABC to continue to serve the needs of the province’s stroke survivors we need volunteers at each of our branches throughout BC, to assist with delivering programs to stroke survivors and their caregivers.


  • A friendly personality
  • An understanding of the challenges facing stroke survivors and their caregivers
  • Ability to follow the direction of the Branch Coordinator
  • Good communication skills

Time Commitment:

  • 4 hours per week

Other Requirements:

  • Police records check.
  • You must be interested in helping stroke survivors and their caregivers to improve their quality of life in the community.


  • Attending the Stroke Recovery Branch weekly
  • Set up the room furniture, equipment etc. as required by the Branch Coordinator
  • Welcome the stroke survivors and their caregivers
  • Provide refreshments
  • Assist the Branch Coordinator in program activities
  • Contribute ideas for the program


  • Reports to the Branch Coordinator


  • Training will be provided by the Branch Coordinator
  • Contact with inspirational people with incredible stories
  • The chance to make a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their caregivers
  • Opportunity experience of working in a therapeutic environment
  • Being part of a team
  • Opportunity to become a member of SRABC


  • References and letters of recommendation
  • Acknowledgement in SRABC publications
  • Inclusion in SRABC events


Please send your resume and a letter of interest to our Contact Form.

Alternatively you may contact the branch directly – see Branch List

Provincial Office Assistant


The Provincial Office Assistant will work with the Office Administrator on clerical and administrative tasks such as filing, collating, mailing and copying. Other tasks such as data entry, internet research and website updating may also be required.


  • Experience of working in Microsoft Office
  • Desire to work with a growing organization with a vision for the future
  • Ability to take direction and to work effectively without constant supervision
  • A friendly personality
  • An understanding of the challenges facing stroke survivors and their caregivers
  • Good communication skills

Benefits & Recognition:

This is an opportunity to assist our office in providing the best services to people recovering from strokes while working with a growing organization with a vision for the future. Gain non-profit volunteer experience and further strengthen your office skills, as well as increase your knowledge of community services.


4 hours per week. Further volunteer hours can be available for other office-related tasks.


Tim Readman | SRABC Executive Director