Stroke Recovery Association of BC

Recovering from a Stroke

There is Life After Stroke

We know that life will never be the same again after a stroke but it doesn’t have to be worse. Many stroke survivors continue to enjoy fulfilling and meaningful lives after stroke. Some say that their lives are better in some ways – they look after themselves more; they have a deeper appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, like a grandchild’s smile or a beautiful sunset; they are more understanding of the problems faced by others and they value the things they still enjoy even more.

Our Message once again is: There is life after stroke!

After more than 30 years of helping stroke survivors and their caregivers in BC we have learned some vital lessons that we want to share with you:

  1. Never give up hope and never stop trying. We have seen with our own eyes that being determined to get better makes a big difference. You may never fully recover but you can keep on improving.
  2. There is life after stroke. Many stroke survivors go on to have successful and enjoyable lives. They learn to make the most of the abilities they have.
  3. Support is very important. Family and friends play a huge role. The support of other stroke survivors and their understanding and encouragement really helps. Caregivers also need support.
  4. You need to set goals. As long as you achieve some of them you are moving in the right direction. If you fail then break your goals down into smaller steps.
  5. Never give up hope and never stop trying. We can’t say that often enough!