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Life After Stroke eMagazine

Life After Stroke eMagazine

LIFE AFTER STROKE is the electronic magazine of Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC). It is published four times a year. It is for people who are personally involved in stroke recovery – especially stroke survivors, their caregivers, their friends, family and supporters. It is also for anyone wishing to learn more about stroke recovery, such as healthcare professionals, personnel from related organisations and students in relevant disciplines. Click on the link below to access the current e-magazine.

THERE IS LIFE AFTER STROKE – Join us in helping the 6,500 British Columbians who have a stroke every year with their recovery.If you know anyone who will find this information useful please forward it to them or ask them to add their name to our mailing list by entering your email address to the right of this page. We welcome your comments and feedback.

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