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The Diverse Effects of Stroke

Stroke survivor Bill, 55

Life can change drastically, but still be good. Bill, 55-year-old stroke survivor

Effects of a stroke are as diverse as the many people in BC who’ve survived them (remember – there is life after stroke!)

A stroke occurs when brain cells don’t get the oxygen they need due to a blockage in a blood vessel or bleeding in the brain. Effects depend on the severity of the stroke and on the area of the brain in which it occurred.

Some of the effects of stroke are:


Paralysis on part or one side of the body

Loss of feeling or numbness on part or one side of the body

Loss of awareness on part or one side of the body

Problems moving (walking, sitting, bathing, etc.)



Loss of Vision


Incapacity to recognize objects or understand their use

Difficulty judging distances, shapes and directions

Impaired memory

Difficulty learning

Slow, cautious behaviour

Difficulty planning, organizing and starting tasks

Difficulty assessing abilities and limitations

Problems with body image


Inability to use or understand words (aphasia)

Loss of writing abilities

Slurred speech

Difficulty in absorbing information


Loss of emotional control





Loss of self-esteem

Personal & Social


Inappropriate behaviour


Family breakdowns

Loss of privacy

Change in roles

Challenges with relationships

Work and career issues

Financial concerns

Other Resources

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For Caregivers

Family Caregivers of BC provides a vast amount of education, support, and links to more help.