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Family Caregivers and Stroke Survivors

Terry is a 61 year old stroke survivor

Being so dependent on others was really hard on my self-esteem. But then, over time, all that love and kindness – it just did wonders for me. Terry, 61-year-old stroke survivor

You’re not alone

Being the family caregiver of a stroke survivor is a big role. It can include a breadth of duties from running the household to providing personal care and transportation. You might even need to relocate.

Several aspects can influence who’s best able to be the family caregiver. For instance, who’s nearest, who’s free who’s physically and emotionally able.

It’s important to understand the short-and long-term implications of the position.

Professional Caregivers

Hiring Privately

BC has several home support agencies, but before you hire:

1) Assess Your Needs

  • Will you need a person with specific training or experience?
  • Will a driver’s license be required?
  • Is a certain degree of physical strength needed?

2) Ask For Recommendations

  • Friends and friends of friends can offer insights on agencies.
  • Ask friends on Facebook, too.
  • Also, search online for reviews.