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Getting Started for Stroke Survivors

Senior man has recovered well from a stroke

All I can say is – push through the initial shock. There’s so much hope, love and empowerment beyond it. Says Les, a 59-year-old stroke survivor.

It gets better.

Though each stroke survivor is affected differently, one thing every one shares is the chance for a better future and a more fulfilling life.

We’re here to join you on that journey.

This site has guides and videos to help stroke survivors, and their loved ones, adapt to the initial effects of stroke, as well as help you through the stages of stroke recovery. New resources are uploaded on a regular basis.

You’ll also find news and articles that cover a variety of topics from current medical news about strokes and stories of hope by stroke survivors.

In short, we’re here for you. Be sure to visit often. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter ‘SNIPPETS’.

Stroke survivor painting