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Exploring the lived experience of stroke survivors             "At an extremely expensive restaurant the waiter ignored me and asked my wife if I needed  a straw for my Martini. He also would not arrange for my meat to be cut up in the kitchen” Linh Huynh and Marie Maratos, Master of [...]

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Heart & Stroke Foundation – Living with Stroke™ Program

Living with Stroke™ Program Stroke survivors will have an incredible opportunity to improve recovery and find hope through a new program launching in BC and Yukon. Designed to help stroke survivors and their families improve quality of life, cope with challenges and connect with others, the program offers participants the assistance needed to succeed during [...]

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SRABC in the news!

SRABC ran a media campaign for National Stroke Awareness Month to promote the release of our new ‘7 Steps to Stroke Recovery’ video. The 7 steps video can be found on Vancouver Sun site - Click here: On July 2 2014 we had an interview on the Global TV Six O’clock News which featured Shaughnessy Branch member, stroke [...]

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"7 STEPS TO STROKE RECOVERY" EDUCATIONAL DVD is now on YouTube at We will be loading each section of the DVD separately in the coming days. If you like this video please donate to SRABC at - thank you! INTRODUCTION • The main question facing stroke survivors and caregivers after discharge from hospital [...]

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Having a stroke is devastating. One minute you are a fully functioning person, the next, you can't think, speak or feel and can hardly move. There are 6,500 strokes in BC every year. Hospitals do a great job of saving people who survive a stroke but sooner or later those survivors go back home. What [...]

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2014 Canadian Stroke Congress Coming to Vancouver

This is another reminder that the 5th Canadian Stroke Congress in is coming to Vancouver, British Columbia from October 4 – 7, 2014. It will be a forum where we can exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn about innovation in stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery. SRABC is planning to be there and is providing input about [...]

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Ten Top Tips for Talking with People with Aphasia

Aphasia is a communication disability which occurs when the communication centres of the brain are damaged. It is usually caused by stroke, but can also be caused by brain haemorrhage, head injury or tumours. What does having aphasia mean? Each person with aphasia experiences it differently. Some people cannot speak at all; some people have [...]

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Stroke Survivor on Mount Everest!

Until 2008, Gary George led what he terms an “ordinary life”. He was an electrical engineer and a healthy, athletic man. On December 31st, 2008 during one of his many work-related trips abroad, he suffered a massive stroke. He was in a remote part of Ethiopia and it occurred during a management meeting. George was [...]

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