My Battle Against My Stroke – Krishna Pindolia’s Blog

UK resident Krishna Pindolia writes an insightful and interesting blog which the folks at SRABC like to follow. My Stroke-athon Journey: 10 YEARS ON – a blog by Krishna Pindolia can be found here: Here’s a sample of her writing: Ten years ago, at the age of 18, on 2nd June 2005 I was diagnosed [...]

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So You’re Going to Rehab: Stroke Rehab, That Is

This short book provides practical advice for the stroke survivor  considering inpatient rehabilitation, with a touch of humour. "So You're Going to Rehab" addresses topics such as whether inpatient stroke therapy is the best decision, packing for rehab, and the importance of learning and practicing self-care and self-advocacy skills. In the following interview Canadian author [...]

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