Brain Attack – The Journey Back

A Unique Collection of Writing about Stroke Recovery   A Stroke is a brain attack. This anthology is a unique collection of 33 original entries written by survivors and heroes about their recovery journeys from Stroke. This unique collection includes creative writing works from a wide range of individuals who have experienced a Stroke. Several family [...]

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The SRABC 2014-15 Phyllis Delaney Life After Stroke Awards

Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC) was founded in 1976. Phyllis Delaney was entrusted with organizing a provincial association by absorbing stroke recovery groups that had been operating in British Columbia since 1969.  She was our first Provincial Coordinator and went on to work tirelessly on behalf for stroke survivors in BC.  The Phyllis Delaney [...]

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7 Steps to Stroke Recovery Video – the Audience Continues to Grow!

Our 7 Steps to Stroke Recovery video, which was posted on YouTube 7 months ago, has now reached over 22,000 views. You can see it here: We are planning to make more-each devoted to one of the ‘7 Steps’. The first is Exercise and Mobility which is in the pre-production stages now. Your financial [...]

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Aphasia Today, Independence Tomorrow

It was September of 2013, and Jennifer and Ed Swaren were busy prepping their yard and pool for winter. Suddenly Jennifer stumbled, fell, and broke her hip. She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where she was operated on a few days later. Because she was slow to recover after the surgery, the [...]

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Three Ways to Add Speech Therapy to Everyday Activities

When a loved one suffers a stroke or acquired brain injury that results in aphasia, family members often want to assist in the recovery process. Questions regarding home activities that can assist with language and communication recovery frequently arise. However, it can be difficult for families to determine what types of activities would be beneficial [...]

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Photovoice Study

Exploring the lived experience of stroke survivors             "At an extremely expensive restaurant the waiter ignored me and asked my wife if I needed  a straw for my Martini. He also would not arrange for my meat to be cut up in the kitchen” Linh Huynh and Marie Maratos, Master of [...]

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