Heart & Stroke Foundation – Living with Stroke™ Program

Living with Stroke™ Program Stroke survivors will have an incredible opportunity to improve recovery and find hope through a new program launching in BC and Yukon. Designed to help stroke survivors and their families improve quality of life, cope with challenges and connect with others, the program offers participants the assistance needed to succeed during [...]

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Media Coverage for 7 Steps to Stroke Recovery

In order to continue to create resources like our new video, we need your financial support. When you decide to donate, you help build a world where every stroke survivor has respect, inclusion, and support in their home community. Please help to bring stroke survivors in BC back to life and support their caregivers by [...]

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Interview with Angela Wright – From Wheelchair to Trekking the Mountains of India

Member of the SRABC Board of Directors, Angela Wright, was 38 years old when she had a hemorrhagic stroke on November 6, 2011. “I thought the doctors were wrong, I couldn’t have had a stroke.  I felt fine aside from my excruciatingheadache.  I didn’t feel anything happen when the stroke occurred and I was alert, [...]

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Interview with Tammy Kivi – Singing My Way to Recovery

Tammy Kivi, member of SRABC’s Burnaby South Branch, made an appearance on Breakfast Television on CTV, on Tuesday June ‎24th at 8am. We proudly watched her talk about aphasia and do a great job of spreading stroke recovery awareness. Tammy had her stroke on February 21, 2011. She had just had her 46th birthday. “Honestly, [...]

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First Day of Class – Book Review

Stroke survivor Cheryl Beatty is currently a volunteer teacher's aide at an elementary school in Calgary, Alberta. An active member of a local outdoor club, she is an avid hiker, cyclist, and snowshoer. It's hard to believe that at the age of 28 she lost her ability to do anything. Most people don't consider themselves [...]

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Merri Frodsham: My stroke story

Merri Frodsham is on a mission to share her story. Since her stroke she has been working to help other survivors through communicating her thoughts, feelings and experiences of life after stroke. “I went to the hospital to have heart surgery, to get fixed. I came back broken instead” she explains. “I submitted my story [...]

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