My Life After Stroke

My Stroke Recovery Journey - An Interview with Dr. David Butler-Jones ‘Canada’s Top Doctor’ Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada’s top doctor, is recovering from a stroke that hit him a year ago. While he is the process of stepping down from his role as Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Butler-Jones has no intention of [...]

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Introducing SRABC’s 2013-2014 Board of Directors

Casey Crawford - President Atul Gadhia - Vice-President Ryan Sahota - Treasurer Alex Cheong - Secretary Mary Joan Giffin - Director (Interior Region) Greg McKinstry - Director (Vancouver Region) Ben Sullivan - Director (Vancouver Island Region) Victoria Yang - Director Julie Wei - Director Angela Wright - Director Dr. John Millar - Director Angela, Ben, [...]

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Book Review: Stroke of Hope by Heather Branscombe

Creating the program you need to discover the results you want Heather Branscombe is a physiotherapist with over 15 years’ experience and is the Clinic Director and Owner at Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation which has offices in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Surrey. She is also a member of SRABC’s Professional Advisory Committee. The message in her book [...]

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My Life After Stroke

Duncan Holmes - Delta Branch Poet Laureate Duncan Holes has a positive outlook on life. He is a stroke survivor who attends the SRABC Delta Branch and has been adopted as their ‘Poet Laureate’. He is also a cartoonist whose work is published regularly, a food writer and a keen gardener. “I bake bread every [...]

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The Phyllis Delaney Life after Stroke Awards

Stroke Recovery Association of BC was founded in 1976. Phyllis Delaney was entrusted with organizing a provincial association by absorbing stroke recovery groups that had been operating in British Columbia since 1969. She was our first Provincial Coordinator and went on to work tirelessly on behalf for stroke survivors in BC. The Phyllis Delaney Life [...]

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Community Stroke Recovery Education Days Project Summary

By Wendy Johnstone, Project Team Leader The main question facing stroke survivors and caregivers after discharge from hospital is– “now what?”  Not knowing where to go for help in the community, not knowing what is available and not knowing how to access programs is tremendously confusing and frustrating.  Stroke survivors and family caregivers need relevant [...]

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