Top 10 Lessons Learned

My wife, Christy, had a stroke in 2005 at the age of 31. When asked to write a piece for the ‘Life After Stroke’ newsletter describing my ‘top 10 lessons learned’ as a caregiver, I was stumped. How does one distill lessons learned from a change that dramatic – and in only ten bullets? So [...]

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Get Mobile!

GET MOBILE! Physical Exercise Promotes Health and Mobility In this issue we focus on some general principles for arm exercises after a stroke. Remember that you should consult a qualified physiotherapist to make sure the suggestions here are right for you. Always remember-every stroke is different! Stretching Stretching is especially important for reducing spasticity (muscle [...]

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My Life After Stroke

Personal Stories of Stroke Recovery David Baker is a member of SRABC’s Maple Ridge Branch. Having a stroke has not stopped David from pursuing his favourite activity - being a songwriter. For nearly forty years, Dave has been writing and singing songs about the west coast of Canada. Raised in Nanaimo and Duncan on Vancouver [...]

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The View of a Caregiver Looking Back

My husband survived for five years after his massive stroke that left him completely paralyzed on his left side. It is only four and a half years after the loss of my beloved husband, that I able to calmly reflect on the experience. When I took on the role of a caregiver, I did not [...]

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